Easter Egg Hunt

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The Team at 409th Scouts, 1st Wythenshawe Scouts & 435th Northenden Scouts have created a great Big Egg Hunt for the children and families of Wythenshawe. We’ve placed Easter Eggs boards in and around Wythenshawe. There are over 100 in total to find!

How it works

Anyone who wants to join in is welcome to take part in our egg hunt, it’s not just for Scouts. Our Eggs will be in place between 27th March and 18th April 2021.


During this time you are welcome to hunt as many as you can, see how many you can find. When you find an egg, take a picture or a selfie and share online using #WythenshaweScoutsEggHunt.

Please remember to leave any eggs you find in place for others to find.

Need some help? Check out our Egg map here:

Finished your egg hunt? Download your FREE participation certificate here

Covid-19 Advice


This activity is designed to be done in family groups and is deliberately kept local so that it can be done during normal exercise walks in the Wythenshawe area. Should you come across an egg board at the same time as someone else, remember to keep socially distant. We advise you to avoid touching the boards and to sanitise your hands if you do touch them. Our team will wear gloves when deploying and removing the boards.

No Chocolate?

As much as we’d love to give out some prizes, We think this activity would be safer for all involved if parents/families provide any chocolate incentives!

Egg Hunt Environmental Policy


You may notice, our egg boards are made of plastic, that’s because we hope to reuse them in future years. If you find one of our egg boards somewhere it shouldn’t be or after 30th April 2021 then please contact us and we’ll arrange to get it back.

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